Alpaca Garments for Trekking and Mountaineering

arments made with alpaca fiber are great for use in cold areas and unforgiving climates, making them perfect for high mountain sports.

After clarifying this, we can continue listing the main features of the alpaca fiber.


  • Alpaca garments are seven times warmer than those made with sheep wool and act as an insulator.

  • Alpaca fiber is three times more resistant than any other natural wool. This makes it ideal for rough situations, rubbing and stretching.

  • In addition, alpaca fiber is smoother than other fibers, which makes it ideal for long walks because the garments are not heavy and do not give an itching sensation.

  • The fiber contains microscopic air pockets which make the garments light and delicate.

  • It absorbs heat and regulates the humidity of the environment and body temperature thanks to its hygroscopic particles.

  • Alpaca fiber is hollow and very light.

  • The fiber does not burn unless it is in direct contact with fire.

  • It does not overheat the body when wearing it.

  • Alpaca fiber is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not generate allergic reactions on the skin when wearing these garments.

  • No fungi or bacteria appear because the fiber is hollow and allows air circulation.

  • The fiber also allows the body to breathe, reducing odors and preventing cell decomposition of the dermis.

  • Alpaca Fiber garments do not tear, peel, deform or create static energy and can be easily washed by hand.

  • Alpaca fiber and garments are considered organic products because they leave a minimum carbon footprint on the environment during production; compared to products derived from petroleum.


Because of these features and other features not mentioned above, alpaca fiber garments are an excellent choice when participating in activities that include long walks, extreme sports and climbing, especially in very cold climates.

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