Alpaca Ponchos For Men, A Growing Trend Worldwide

Alpaca Ponchos For Men, A Growing Trend Worldwide

Men wearing ponchos has become a worldwide trend and it has been increasing in the last few years. These are no longer worn only in areas far from the cities with very harsh climates; this garment has become a trend on the catwalks of major fashion shows in the United States and Europe, both in winter or spring collections with styles like layering or Clint Eastwood style.

Ponchos Made With Alpaca Fiber

The alpaca poncho is an ideal garment for men because its fiber is soft, it is light thanks to micro air particles and it does not itch. It is warmer than other ponchos made with other wools, it covers from the shoulders to the waist and others also cover the legs. It is very easy to combine with shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, jeans, suits, trousers, shoes and hats. It is easy to wash, very convenient to use and it comes in a wide variety of natural colors and hues.

In addition to being a light, warm and practical garment, the alpaca poncho has other qualities that make it ideal to wear in winter. It traps the heat in winter and keeps the body cool in summer because the fiber acts as a thermal insulator.


Ponchos can be worn and combined in different ways. In addition, the variety of shades of the alpaca fiber allows making ponchos with a variety of natural colors in a single poncho or ponchos with various shades. In recent years, the fashion industry worldwide has developed several ways to use ponchos in general and here are the most popular options:


One of the most common ways to wear a poncho is Layering, using one garment over another to create an overlay. This is very popular among women, but it also works for men, especially on very cold days.

The alpaca poncho can be combined with plain shirts and T-shirts of various colors; sweaters; jeans and light and dark colored pants, hats, bags and shoes or slippers. This is a great way to wear a poncho on a very cold day.


For warmer days, ponchos can be combined with T-shirts, short sleeves shirts or light shirts in summer. As for pants, the poncho can be combined with jeans, trousers and light and dark colored shoes.

When it comes to design and texture, ponchos can have two types of finishes: a more rustic finish and a smoother finish. This difference is due to the fact that the rustic one is handmade and the other one is made using machines. These differences make them ideal for informal situations but also for more elegant events.

Clint Eastwood Style

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He is considered the actor who inspired the use of ponchos today, especially in Spaghetti Western films. Particularly in the movie "The Good, the bad and the ugly." Normally, the character in the movie wore the poncho like a scarf, coat or cape.

This style allows leaving the arms and hands free in order to carry things. Furthermore, it´s also an option when you don´t need to cover your body completely.

In this case, ponchos show their versatility and are used as an accessory, either as a scarf or cape, over the shoulders and covering the back, neck, and in some cases, the mouth and nose.


In this case, the poncho can also be used as a cape to cover only the shoulders, the neck and the back. This way it can be an excellent complement for coats, sweaters and suits.

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