Peru Clothing

Peru Clothing 

Alpaca apparel is now found all over the world. Designers in the US, Europe and Asia are adding the fiber to their collections. At the same time Peruvian designers are gaining presence in the world of fashion, thus transforming Peru clothing into an international phenomenon.

In a many areas of Peru clothing is typically woven using alpaca fibers. With the wool being abundantly available from alpaca stock, the choice was a natural one. Now, however, the strength, warmth, lightness and hypoallergenic nature of the fiber has made it a favorite with consumers around the world.

Alpaca wool is naturally obtained in a wide variety of colors and shades. Thus, this type of Peru clothing is available in a huge variety of colors. Traditional clothes include Peruvian designs. Our designers take this designs and blend them with current fashion trends to create our seasonal collections.

The warmth and lightness of alpaca is another reason why this fiber is used in traditional Peru clothing. An alpaca sweater for example feels very light, but will be much warmer than a similar cotton sweater.

Peru clothing is now available online from sites such as Browse our site for examples of modern and traditional Peru clothing including: ponchos, sweaters, ruanas, shawls, capes, coats, jackets and accessories.

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