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Hooded White Alpaca Poncho with Stripes for Men

Hooded White Alpaca Poncho with Stripes for Men


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Material: Alpaca wool

Color: White, gray and brown

Length: 180 cm (70.86 ")
Width: 112 cm (44.09")
It refers to the total measurements of the poncho when it is fully open (like a blanket)

Note: Since this product is handmade, it may present slight variations from the pictures. Description: Rustic hooded poncho with brown and white stripes.

Soft to the touch: Alpaca wool is extremely soft. It is softer than any other alternative wool. The quality of the fabric and the way we knit our products make them unique and stylish.

Warm: It will keep you warm on cold winter days. You will discover that natural materials are really effective against the cold.

Real alpaca poncho: Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, light and warm. Its fibers contain microscopic air sacs that make clothes light and delicate while acting as excellent insulators.

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