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Authentic Mexican Poncho with Stripes | Brown

Authentic Mexican Poncho with Stripes | Brown


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Material: Acrylic Wool

Color: Brown

Style: Mexican

Design: Stripes

Length: 172cm (68")
Width: 99 cm (39")
It refers to the total measurements of the poncho when it is fully open (like a blanket). 


Genuine Mexican Poncho for Men manufactured in Mexico. The Mexican Poncho is an iconic and versatile garment that has been part of Mexican culture and tradition for centuries. The colorful and artisanal designs of GAMBOA adult ponchos make them a garment that not only expresses Mexican identity but also serves multiple practical uses throughout the year!  

These colorfull ponchos allowing you to look different and fashionable on any occasion. Great balance between warmth and weight. Very easy to put on and take off, its open sides make the difference in comfort with any other garment. Don't miss the opportunity to experience its comfort, versatility and unique charm. 

Note: Since this product is handmade, it may present slight variations from the pictures.

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