About Us

Welcome to GAMBOA - a name that has been synonymous with exceptional quality and trendsetting fashion for over 20 years. Born from the merger of PanamaHatMall and AlpacaMall, we bring you the best of both worlds under one elegant and easy-to-use platform, GamboaFashion.com.

GAMBOA is more than just a brand. It's an experience. It's a testament to our unyielding commitment to maintain the genuine spirit that imbues every garment we craft. Formerly Panama Hat Mall and Alpaca Mall, we've been your trusted source for the finest Panama Hats and luxuriously comfortable Alpaca Clothes

Today, we've taken the essence of these two cherished brands and woven them together, creating a unique, superior, and streamlined online shopping destination - GamboaFashion.com.

Our new online store is your one-stop destination for all the items you love and more. From the distinct elegance of our Panama hats to the unparalleled comfort of our Alpaca clothes, everything you need is now just a click away. Whether you're bracing the winter chill or basking in the summer heat, our collection of high-quality garments ensures you'll find just what you're looking for - and more.

At GAMBOA, we are not just purveyors of fashion; we are connoisseurs of culture and custodians of heritage. Our passion lies in sourcing authentic and pure materials, and transforming them into apparel that marries tradition with contemporary style. With each garment, you'll experience a fusion of adventure and tradition, the perfect balance of authenticity and modernity, ensuring you stay stylish while staying true to your roots.

Embrace the journey of exploration with GAMBOA. Discover the perfect blend of genuine craftsmanship and the latest fashion trends. In every stitch, in every seam, you'll find a story of culture, heritage, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Welcome to the world of GamboaFashion.com - where fashion meets authenticity.


  1. Uncompromising Integrity: We firmly believe in doing what is right, even when no one is watching. Our actions are guided by honesty, transparency, and a strong moral compass.

  2. Advocacy for Fair Trade: We uphold fair trade principles in every transaction. We strive to create balanced and respectful partnerships with all our stakeholders, ensuring everyone involved in our business is treated justly.

  3. Commitment to Social Impact: Our mission extends beyond business. We're dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we serve, fostering growth and development.

  4. Dedication to Sustainability: We're committed to preserving our planet for future generations. Our practices promote environmental responsibility, encouraging sustainable choices in all aspects of our operations.

  5. Entrepreneurial Spirit: We never lose sight of our roots as entrepreneurs. This spirit drives our innovation, resilience, and continuous pursuit for excellence.

  6. Unwavering Passion: Our passion fuels our work. We love what we do, and this fervor is reflected in the quality of our products and the relationships we cultivate with our customers



We're proud to have our work acknowledged on an international stage. Renowned global media platforms such as CNN, The New York Times, Le Monde, and La Nación, among others, have spotlighted our company. They've celebrated our commitment to social impact and our relentless pursuit of innovation, further solidifying our position as a leading force in the global fashion industry.

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