Panama Hat Size Guide Chart

The size guide will help you find the right fit based on the size of your head.

Hat Size Centimeters Inches US Size
S 56cm 22" 7
M 58cm 22 3/4" 7 1/4
L 60cm 23 1/2" 7 1/2
XL 62cm 24 3/8" 7 3/4

Hat Size Reducer

Gamboa Panama Hats come with a size reducer band to make your hat fit perfectly.

This is how it works:
1. Only use them if the hat runs a little loose.
2. You have to put the bands inside the hat, just under the sweat protecting band.
3. Put one band in front of the other.
4. Place them when there is extra space:

  • If the hat runs a little longer, you will have to attach the bands both on the front and the back.
  • If the hat is a little bigger, you will have to put the bands on both sides.


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