Alpaca is the trademark of top quality products. We are renowned for our décor items and clothing. Our alpaca sweaters, shawls and ruanas are extraordinary items for winter season. Whether you want to purchase Bolivian Alpaca or Peru clothing, you can find the best item on our website.

We design our superb products with alpaca wool. We select the most luxurious fiber for making fine shawls, blankets, coats, skirts, cardigans and dresses. The Alpaca wool is different to sheep wool. It is lighter in weight and warmer in quality. We proudly state that our fiber is superior to Kashmir’s wool. We select the fiber in more than 22 colors. It is remarkable that all the colors are natural. An unbounded series of shades are manufactured by mixing different fibers. We are liked by our customers due to our first-rate fiber. It is stretchy and resistant in nature. You can use our items easily in different types of weather. The thermal nature makes it possible to maintain the body temperature in different environments. The textile industry love to use our wool due to shiny texture.

If you like to wear a soft touch sweater or cardigan, you have struck the right channel. We have a variety of options for our customers. Our designs are fabulous and trendy. We offer the modish and chic garments for men, women and kids. Our reasonable rate as well as our up to the mark quality has given confidence to customers. Alpaca is the name of trust and excellence. Check our wide range of options for your family or purchase as a gift for your loved ones. You can send your order online or make contact through our phone numbers. We offer three types of shipping for all our products. Our delivery time takes three to ten days

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