Alpaca Fur

Our specially acquired alpaca fur has made our products the center of customers’ attention. The original colors are used to design sweaters, coats, cardigans, skirts, ponchos, rugs, carpets, bedspread and dresses etc. The color range starts from black to sheen silver, white and rose gray; from brown to beige and champagne. We obtain the desired natural color by amalgamating different natural colors. Our alpaca fabric is warmer than the sheep wool. It will keep you comfy in chill and frost weather conditions because alpaca fleece has thermal competence.

If you are conscious to wear luxurious items, we proudly announce that our alpaca fur is lavish than that of cashmere. The soft and fluffy items are usually heavy in weight; however the thin air packets in alpaca fur have made it light weighted. It is easy to use it in the form of coats, ponchos, blankets or bedspread. Make your home more cozy and comfy with downy, fluffy and soft rugs, carpets, cushions and blankets.

If you are a mother, you will love to purchase poncho, coat, gloves, socks, caps, or sweater for your kids. Your keen interest will be to search the water resistant, high thermal capacity and insulated products. The alpaca fur can fulfill all your demands as it is temperature regulator, water defiant and flame resistant. All these qualities make it best for your family use. The out of the ordinary fur does not irritate like the traditional wool dresses. It is free of lanolin which makes it best winter use for allergy sensitive people. It is interesting to declare that we design our particular items on order as well. Send us an email or make a call to inform about your required pattern and measurement. It will be our pleasure to gratify our consumers with our best efforts.

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