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At Gamboa, we are passionate about traditions and technology. For almost 18 years, we have been working with artisans who ensure that the techniques and aesthetics of ancient Andean cultures are maintained to create beautiful clothes that are sold around the world through modern technology.


  •     Integrity
  •     Fair Trade
  •     Focus on social impact
  •     Promote sustainability
  •     Always maintain an entrepreneurial spirit
  •     Passion for what we do



The Gamboa model remains unique in Latin America. We offer over 500 products from hundreds of artisans in Bolivia and Peru, who have been able to export their products to over 100 countries around the world, increasing their production.

As a result, our artisans identify us as an organization that can provide them with something that no other consultant, assistance program, grant, or technical assistance can achieve: real markets and continuous growth.


  • Breeding the alpacas does not require a high amount of water and this animal does not cause damage to the environment it inhabits.
  • The alpacas are sheared during the warmest time of the year. This way, they have a good amount of hair and fiber during the harshest time of the year; starting in May.
  • Alpaca fiber has almost no technology in its process. It is mostly handcrafted, with minimal use of technology and industrialization. No toxic or polluting products are used.


We make sure to get the best alpaca wool directly from the countries with the longest tradition of alpaca farming: Bolivia and Peru. We have a network of artisans who make beautiful garments with the highest quality standards.

In addition to this, we have warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Australia. By doing this, we can assure that our garments reach our customers quickly and efficiently.



Our company has been featured in several international media outlets, including CNN, The New York Times, Le Monde, La Nación, and others, for its social impact and constant innovation.

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