Poncho Bolivia

Due to the high quality of alpaca wool, any dress produced from it is always seen as a high quality and unique kind of dress. This is because of the wonderful properties of alpaca wool which is used in making the dress which help to keep the body warmer than any other dress made with other kinds of wool like the sheep wool and others. Bolivia is a county in the South America and it is nicknamed the roof of the world because of it high elevation in the Andes mountain. This mountain in Bolivia has snow peak which usually result to the high temperate climate of the country. There are many artisans in this country who know how to knit a poncho with the use of alpaca wool. Therefore, due to the presence of many skillful artisans in the country poncho Bolivia is one of the best quality poncho recognized in the world.

More so, in the 17th century ponchos are believed to come into view in the Peru and because of that it has been used as part of the tradition Andean dress. This dress is usually worm by men who use it to protect themselves against cold or even rain. Truly, the artisan’s who decorate this wonderful and all important dress always make sure that it come with a very unique design which ranges from alpaca, bird to geometric designs.

Most importantly, people who are located in high altitude always make use of this cloth as it help to keep the body warm due to the presence of alpaca wool in it. Obviously, poncho Bolivia is still one of the best forms of ponchos available in the market. If you want to obtain a high quality and best grade ponchos you should endeavor to go for the ones manually weaved by some Bolivia artisans.

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