Poncho Peru

A traditional part of Peruvian dress, the poncho Peru can be seen all around the Andean region. It is both extremely practical and elegant as it helps guard against the cold while leaving freedom of movement to the upper part of the body.

AlpacaMall.com offers an incredibly large selection of poncho peru. Our men's ponchos include hooded and rustic versions in a variety of colors. Women's ponchos also come in openwork, turtlenecks, v-necks and Andean versions.

Kid's poncho peru are available in lively colors, and in sizes starting at 2-3 year olds. Best of all these ponchos are available is sets including matching hats and mittens or gloves.

Our pocho peru selection is manufactured by quality controlled small artisans and shops that work with 100% alpaca wool. Some of our ponchos are hand woven, making them unique items with highly detailed pattern work.

Poncho's are believed to have appeared in Peru in the 17th Century and since then have been part of the traditional Andean dress. Worn mostly by men, the poncho shields the body from both cold and rain and is particularly well suited for the high altitude regions close to the Andes.

Poncho Peru are often decorated with native designs including alpacas, birds, and geometric patterns. During festivals, highly decorated ponchos are worn as part of dance costumes.

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