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Blue Mexican Poncho | Serape Striped Poncho

Blue Mexican Poncho | Serape Striped Poncho


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Material: Acrylic Wool

Color: Blue

Style: Mexican

Design: Stripes

Length: 172cm (68")
Width: 99 cm (39")
It refers to the total measurements of the poncho when it is fully open (like a blanket). 


Genuine Mexican Poncho for Men manufactured in Mexico. The Mexican Poncho is an iconic and versatile garment that has been part of Mexican culture and tradition for centuries. The colorful and artisanal designs of GAMBOA adult ponchos make them a garment that not only expresses Mexican identity but also serves multiple practical uses throughout the year!  

These colorfull ponchos allowing you to look different and fashionable on any occasion. Great balance between warmth and weight. Very easy to put on and take off, its open sides make the difference in comfort with any other garment. Don't miss the opportunity to experience its comfort, versatility and unique charm. 

Note: Since this product is handmade, it may present slight variations from the pictures.

Care Instructions

To keep the comfort and excellent quality of alpaca products, we suggest the following:

Washing instructions

Hand Wash:

The best way to keep your alpaca product intact is to hand wash it. To keep it from shrinking you must avoid hot water and wringing.

Wash your product with cold water and use a mild soap or shampoo; fill up a basin with cold to slightly warm water (85º F). Add a small quantity of baby shampoo and wash it without rubbing strongly.

If you wish to maintain its color and quality avoid washing machines and the use of bleach.


To avoid your alpaca product from loosing its shape, press slightly to remove the water. Never wring. Do not use a drying machine. Dry flat, reshaping the product and keeping it from direct sunlight.


It is best to not iron any alpaca product unless necessary. In that case, to avoid direct contact with the iron, place a towel in between to protect the wool.


Make sure that your product is completely dry before putting it away. Fold it carefully avoiding wrinkles.
In some climates moths could cause a problem. If this is your case, place your alpaca products in plastic bags with small scented bags. DO NOT use mothballs.

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  • Vibrant Colors

    Beautiful and vibrant colors. Handsome patterns and genuine designs. It
    will become your wardrobe favorite. You will get compliments every time
    you wear it.

  • Beat the Cold

    Incredibly warm and cozy, yet breathable. Perfect for a chilly autumn day or a chilly evening out. Really warm without bulk.

  • Soft to the Touch

    Alpaca wool is extremely soft. It is softer than any other alternative
    wool. The fabric quality and the way we knit our products make them

  • Very Comfortable

    Our Sweaters are knitted in such a way that they stretch comfortably.
    The sweaters have a generous length. Great for outdoor activities,
    walking in cold weather and to stay cozy at home.